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mean girls

Blogging is a Bit Like High School!

Remember high school? I certainly do! I remember the cliques.. the rich kids, the snotty girls, the band group, the choir groups, the jocks, the druggies (oh yeah, they had their own clique, too), and so on. Anyways, blogging is pretty similar to high school [...]
Dad of the Year

Seeking Nominations For Dad Blogger of the Year!

As most of you know the Label Daddy team recently expanded to include not only Sara, but Toni, Bridgette and myself as well. What most of you might not know is that we're currently seeking nominations for Dad Blogger of the Year. We have a lot of favorites of our own but we also want to hear who YOUR favorites are [...]
We Only Get One Chance

We Only Get One Chance

while I was laying on the long hospital bed and not allowed to move (or breathe) while getting my CAT scan done I realized something. That if I was to die today or any time soon.. I'm not the person I want to be and I'm not the person I want my kids to remember me being. I've become so tired the past couple of years that I've turned into a "no" mom. You know the type? Everything is "no" because it's [...]

Betty Crocker "You're A Star!" Cupcakes

Tyler also has a favorite cupcake recipe- the You're a Star Cupcakes from Betty Crocker. I love these! They're so cute and they look really easy to make. I never thought to make little stars like that and use them as a cupcake topper but they're adorable and make them look so unique[...]

Thursday, July 3

Very Important Update for All of My Followers!

Hi ladies! It's been years since I posted here but I wanted to let you all know that I no longer own KeeperoftheCheerios.com and the links that are redirecting from here to that domain you probably shouldn't click on just to be safe until I can get some of those little bugs worked out here on this SUPER old blog.

Anyways, I have a shiny new mom blog called The Bright Side of Reality. It's a fun new site and I'm looking forward to building it up. I have great things in mind for this blog and I'm so excited to share it all with you.If you follow me on my old twitter account @cheeriokeeper you can remove me and please follow me as @MyBrightReality

I'm looking forward to reconnecting with all of you. I have missed blogging and all of you more than words can even say. I'll see you all on The Bright Side!

Monday, April 27

New "About Me" Page

I just wanted to let you all know that the "About Me" page on Keeper of the Cheerios has been updated! There's new pictures, new information, and I also listed all of the social network sites you can find me on. If you join any of the networking sites be sure to find me and say hi.

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Saturday, February 7

Small Talk Six: When Nobody is watching..

This is a new Meme from momdot.com, each week is a new topic that can be answered in 6 words, sentences, videos, or pictures. This week is the 6 songs you just can't help but dance to when nobody is watching. When nobody is looking, I can't help but dance to these 6 songs:

This is the one that kills my husband... so maybe I'm a little nerdy.. what can I say? I like to listen to this one while I'm washing dishes and cleaning up the kitchen.

What 6 songs can you just not help but dance to when nobody is watching you?

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Wednesday, December 24